Ensemble/Playwright Collaboration Grant

The following ensembles and playwrights received $4,000 to support collaborations as part of the Ensemble/Playwright Collaboration Grant program. 

Theater Grottesco / Andy Bragen (2011)

Theatre Novi Most / Cory Hinkle (2012)

Live Action Set / John Olive (2013)

Team Sunshine Performance Corporation / Jenny Connell Davis (2014)

The Satori Group / Susan Stanton (2015)

SITI Company / Kate Tarker (2016). Read about the project here!

One Year Lease / Jason Gray Platt (2017). Read about the project here

Wonderlust Productions / Carlyle Brown (2018). Read about the project here!

Cornerstone Theater Company / Larissa FastHorse (2019). Read about the project here!

To celebrate the program's 10th anniversary, two grants were awarded in 2020:

HartBeat Ensemble / Lonnie Carter (2020); and Out of Hand Theater / Marcie Rendon (2020)

Two grants were awarded again in 2021:

Civic Ensemble / Katie Ka Vang (2021); and WaxFactory / Rachel Jendrzejewski (2021)