Virtual Exploration Grants - Selection Criteria

Grants are awarded based on the quality of the relationship building.

Through these lenses, a peer panel will select grantees based on:

  • Clear articulation of the intended learning goals and anticipated outcomes 
  • Evidence that the activities will initiate new relationships, or of how applicant will further develop existing relationships
  • Opportunity for applicant to explore new ideas, practices, techniques, inspiration, or expertise
  • As in the previous Virtual Exploration Grant round, NET will explicitly center and lift up Black and Indigenous artists and ensembles in the NET membership and those who identify as People of Color, disabled artists, immigrant artists on O-work visas, LGBTQIA+ artists, parents and caregivers, and other folks living at the intersections of oppression by actively prioritizing funding for these requests. Our goal is to prioritize and center artists and ensembles who live and work at the intersection of identities that are marginalized by racist and oppressive systems. Please refer to NET's Equity in Funding Statement for more information.

All selection criteria receive equal weight during the review process. 

Please visit the NET/TEN Review Process Overview for more information.