Virtual Exploration Grants - How to Apply

The application form for NET/TEN Fall 2021 Virtual Exploration Grants is now closed.

You are also welcome to submit the short answers via a short video if that format works best for you directly on the form or via email to 

Character limits have been removed for the narrative questions on the application in order to have applicants focus on the quality of responses versus spending time editing. This decision is in the spirit of our commitment to equity to allow more applicants to express themselves in a way that works best for them. All applicants are encouraged to keep responses simple and direct and there is no expectation of receiving long responses. For more information on a discussion surrounding character limits, please check out an article on the blog Nonprofit AF, "We need to have a serious talk about character limits on grant applications." 

If you need help accessing the form for any reason, please contact the NET/TEN staff at