Remote Connection Mini-Grants - FAQs


How Much is the Mini-Grant, and Who Can Apply?
Mini-Grant amounts will be based on NET membership category:

$250 for Individual and Student members;
$500 for Ensemble and Affiliate members.

Current NET members in good standing are eligible to apply, including those who received NET/TEN Spring 2020 Mini-Grants. Eligible applicants:

  • may be an individual, LLC, corporation, or 501c3;
  • must be able to receive funds in the United States.

Will this application impact my ability to apply for future grants through NET/TEN?

No, receiving a Winter 2020/21 Mini-Grant will not make you ineligible to apply for additional NET/TEN funding in 2021 or beyond.

What Activities and Expenses are Eligible?

Winter 2020/21 Remote Connection Mini-Grants are intended to support relationship-building activities that take place virtually or remotely from the date of your award notification in Dec 2020/Jan 2021 through May 31, 2021.

Eligible expenses must support physically-distant connectivity using technology or any other digital, analog, or communication tools or collaboration methods, and may include:

  • artist fees/wages/honoraria for time spent arranging, preparing for, and engaging in the relationship-building;
  • costs related to relationship building and exchange of knowledge, including research materials, remote learning, and other knowledge building materials;
  • cost of video conferencing services, postage/delivery fees, or other communication tools/materials used to support the activities;
  • and documentation or reflection that results from the funded engagement, learning, and/or exploration.
  • Travel expenses, production expenses, production tours, capital equipment purchases, and publicly-available professional development offerings (e.g. using funds to register for online or in-person conferences, festivals, or other pre-existing public workshops or trainings) are not supported by this Mini-Grant.


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