Continuation Grants - Eligibility


  • Applicants must have completed a NET/TEN Exchange Grant previously, including final reporting
  • Applications are submitted jointly by the original lead applicant and partner; if the grant was made to multiple partners, at least one must be included
  • Lead applicant must be a NET member in the Ensemble category and must remain a member in good standing throughout the full project period (through final reporting)
  • Lead applicant and any project partner(s) receiving grant fund payments must have an address in, and the ability to receive funds in, the U.S.
  • Activities must occur in U.S.
  • An organization may be listed in only one Continuation Grant proposal
  • Recipients of Continuation Grants are not eligible to receive a second Continuation Grant for the same partnership, but are still eligible to apply for other NET/TEN grants (Travel & Exchange)

NET welcomes your questions at any time prior to submitting an application, or throughout the review process. Please contact program staff at: