Ensemble/Playwright Collaboration Grant

Since 2011, NET and the Playwrights’ Center have partnered to support collaborations between NET members in the Ensemble category and members of the Playwrights' Center's Core Writers Program in developing and creating new theatrical work.

PWC and NET created the Ensemble/Playwright Collaboration Grant to increase opportunities for ensembles and playwrights to collaborate, and examine best practices and new models for working together. Traditionally, one $4,000 grant is awarded annually. To celebrate the program's 10th anniversary, two grants were awarded in 2020; this was repeated in 2021. 

PLEASE NOTE: We have paused the Ensemble/Playwright Collaboration Grant program to reflect on past collaborations and consider how the PWC/NET partnership will develop going forward.  A grant will not be awarded in 2022.

About the Ensemble/Playwright Collaboration Grant

The goal of the activities is creative exchange between a NET ensemble member and a Playwrights' Center playwright; grant funds can be used to support commissions, travel, artist fees, and other related expenses. Competitive applications discuss mutual benefits and interests, what the playwright and ensemble hope to learn from one another, and project details. Eligible applicants must be NET members in the Ensemble category, or members of the Playwrights' Center's Core Writers Program, and must apply jointly as an ensemble/playwright collaborating team. Previous recipients of the Grant may reapply after three grant cycles.

See past recipients at the link below.