Create and Activate - FAQs

Is there a stipend provided for participating?

Yes, each participating cohort member will receive $1,000 stipend to offset expenses associated with participating in the program. The stipend will be paid out 50% upon agreeing to participate and 50% upon completion of the program.

How will the cohort be selected?

The panel will consider the following areas in their discussions:

  • Artists who have a working knowledge of ensemble practice, particularly with a culturally specific lens;
  • Artists who have a unique approach to the ensemble form;
  • Participants who want to contribute to the larger narrative of ensemble practice in the field;
  • Those who are actively seeking to be nurtured by a community of ensemble makers as opposed to working through individually; and
  • Artists who are committed to bringing their full selves to the process;

We also encourage NET members who have a range of experience and engagement with NET. We welcome newly joined members and existing long-time members.

Do I need to be a member of NET in order to apply?

Yes, participants must be current NET members, and invited cohort members must remain so through the end of the program. NET is currently offering Pay What You Decide membership for all categories of membership. You can sign-up here.

Do I need to be able to commit to attend all scheduled meetings?

Yes, we encourage participants to dedicate the time to the program given the intimate nature of the conversations and sharings. If for some reason you are unable to attend sessions as things progress, you must let the Create + Activate team know for planning purposes.

Will the meetings be recorded/archived and shared with the Public?

This will be determined by group consensus when the cohort is brought together for their first gathering as our first priority is for the cohort meetings to create a space that encourages authentic sharing and connection.

Do I need to be part of an ensemble to participate or can I be an individual artist?

The program is open to both individual artists or individuals who are members of an ensemble. We are encouraging folks to have baseline knowledge and lived experience with personal ensemble practice.