Online Programming

Community Forum: Continuing the Work

Building off our last Community Forum, we invited the NET community to gather again on Friday, September 3, 2021 around the remote connections made by individual and ensemble members this year. NET’s Community Forum: Continuing the Work heard directly from a group of our Winter 2020/2021 NET/TEN Remote Connection Mini-Grants recipients who opted to share their experiences in a live-discussion format, and were eager to dialogue with the NET community. 

Featured Remote Connections made by individual and ensemble members:
A Host of People, Bearded Ladies Cabaret, Duke City Repertory Theatre, Four Larks, One World Circus, Roadside Theater, Sayda Trujillo, and Wry Crips Disabled Women's Theatre

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NET Town Hall: Moving Forward Together

Recording Available Now

On May 4, 2021, NET gathered in community as we looked towards the most critical areas of need to help plan for a shifting landscape and field. 

We explored the following questions:

  • How has our time in isolation and great civil unrest reshaped our thinking for the future?
  • What concerns about the shifting landscape and field are keeping you up at night?
  • What support do we need to reemerge while also taking the lessons learned with us?

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NET Community Forum:
Beginning to Heal through Connection

On Friday, January 22nd, NET hosted a Community Forum: Beginning to Heal Through Connection. As we turn towards reopening, NET is mindful of the role ensemble can and needs to play in the healing inside our own community and with broader society. We heard from a group of our Spring 2020 NET/TEN Remote Connection Mini-Grants recipients about the activities they embarked on last year and then opened up the discussion to dialogue with one another.

Featuring Remote Connections Made By Individual and Ensemble Members:
Jessica Bauman, Adam Cooper-Terán, Duke City Repertory Theatre, Paul Flores, Honest Accomplice Theatre, Ko Festival of Performance, Last Call, Pratik Motwani, SuperGeographic Ensemble Theatre and Rowen Haigh with Women's Theatre Festival

Facilitated by Patricia Garza, NET's Director of Programs & Engagement

  • How can we start to recover from isolation?
  • Where can we focus our work towards racial justice and civic engagement healing?
  • How can we dream and inspire one another this year? What shape is our programming starting to take?

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APRIL 13, 2020: Tools for Ensemble Togetherness in a time of Physical Distance


Facilitated by Alisha Tonsic, Executive Director, NET

  • What are you doing to keep your ensembles connected during this time?
  • What strategies, mantras, ideas can you share with other ensemble theater makers who are struggling to stay connected to one another?
  • In what areas are you still running into road blocks, and could use the support of the larger community to help you feel more resourceful and prepared?

APRIL 20: Can Our Artistry Combat Loneliness?


Facilitated by Todd London (Board Member, NET; Director of Theatre Relations, Dramatists Guild of America; Head of the MFA Playwriting Program, School of Drama, The New School) and Corinna Schulenburg (former NET Board Member; Co-Founder/Creative Partner,Flux Theatre Ensemble; Director of Communications, Theatre Communications Group)

  • How are you finding respite from the inevitable "apart-ness" (loneliness / isolation / disconnection) that this crisis is amplifying?
  • How are you specifically using your artistic instincts, training, tools to address this challenge?
  • Have you had ideas that could use the collaboration of others to get off the ground?

APRIL 27: A New Era of Ensemble Theatre Making

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Facilitated by Claudia Alick, Board Co-President, NET and Executive Producer, Calling Up; and Leah Cooper, Artistic Director, Wonderlust Productions

  • Moving forward, how do we present theatre safely in shared physical space?
  • To that end, if we are still re-adjusting to sharing content in virtual spaces; what is “theatre” if it is not live?
  • How do we shore up our individual and collective reserves and resources for continued crises? How do we support artists ethically, and with generosity and love?

COVID-19 Virtual Town Hall: March 14, 2020
View an archived video recording of the session:

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As our communities manage the spread of COVID-19, and many limit non-essential travel, it's important to make sure the knowledge-sharing doesn't stop, and we take advantage of our technology tools to keep us connected.

While we had to cancel much of NET's EMFUSA2020 activity in Albuquerque during Tricklock's Revolutions festival (and the festival itself was also severely impacted (please see the company's statement on Facebook), we used our platform to host a Virtual Town Hall on March 14th, in partnership with Tricklock, to hear our community's concerns, and begin to assess where NET can be most supportive during this challenging time.