MicroFest USA 2012-2013

What is the impact of art in your community?

The challenges facing America are immense... and the solutions will involve art.

MicroFest USA: Revitalize, Reconnect, Renew was a look at America and the role that art and artists play in creating healthy, vibrant communities. Part festival, part think-tank, the MicroFests galvanized local and national artists/activists/thinkers around placemaking efforts, while creating opportunities for learning exchange and inspiring new models across the United States.

The goals of MicroFest USA were to:

  • have fun, create art, and strengthen communities;
  • offer a field-wide learning exchange to strengthen cross-sector, civic-engaged work;
  • expand how we view and discuss creative placemaking;
  • foster collaborations among local and national artists and community leaders;
  • document learning and best practices for art-based community revitalization; and
  • advance ensemble practices as tools for community development

NET partnered with Animating Democracy, a program of Americans for the Arts that works to make the arts an integral part of solutions to the challenges of communities.

National Summit & Learning Exchange

Honolulu, HI
Jun 13-18, 2013
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Microfest USA: Renew

New Orleans, LA
Jan 17-20, 2013
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Microfest USA: Reconnect

Harlan, KY/Knoxville, TN
Oct 25-28, 2012
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Microfest USA: Revitalize

Detroit, MI
Aug 17-19, 2012
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2010-2011 Microfest

What is the Theater we want to create?

One Festival - 3 Cities. From October 2010 through February 2011, NET hosted a Micro-Festival in Atlanta, Los Angeles and Philadelphia.  Designed to build a national conversation in the ensemble theatre field around aesthetics, culture, and the ways ensembles create new work that defies traditional theatre practices and forms, these 2 and half-day “Micro-Fests” were a combination of performances and performance responses, catalyst conversations, master classes, and intentional conversations to provoke a deeper dialogue around the theme of each festival. We’re witnessing an evolution within the theater field: a shift towards Ensemble.

Atlanta, GA; Los Angeles, CA; Philadelphia, PA