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Arranging a Monday July 25 #NETdateOnUs as part of NET's BREAK/through event? Scroll down for a step-by-step "how to" guide, and match up on Connector with a #NETdate online or in Philadelphia!


Connector is a pilot program from the Network of Ensemble Theaters (NET), built around a new, exclusive-to-NET, customized mobile app launched in December 2021. Devised through an iterative co-creation process in collaboration with the NET community, it will continue to evolve based on user feedback and the field’s needs.

The app provides NET members — artist-led ensembles, collectives, companies, and other allied organizations and individual artists/practitioners in the U.S. — with a digital tool to co-create a more equitable, inclusive, and artist-empowered community model for making work, touring, and sharing skills and resources nationally, regionally, and virtually. It supports artist-to-artist exchange by linking NET members to connect, trade goods and services in person and remotely, and to host each other as peer artist-presenters.

Described as “ensemble dating app meets arts touring marketplace”...or “like an AirBnB-Freecycle-TaskRabbit-Craigslist mashup, but made just for us”...the Connector app aims to level the playing field and increase artists’ agency by activating cash- and non-cash-based community assets, and putting opportunities literally in the palm of your hand. Rooted in ensemble values, mutual aid principles, and solidarity-economy models, it prioritizes generosity, reciprocity, relationships, trust, and community care to connect the NET membership and harness our collective power through paid/trade/in-kind exchanges.


NET is a national community of ensembles, artists, and organizations dedicated to collaborative creation, and working to propel ensemble practice to the forefront of culture and society. Connector is a NET program offered as a benefit of NET membership: you must be a current NET member in good standing to log in to and use the app.

Need to renew your membership, or interested in joining NET?

All are welcome, with membership categories for Ensembles, Affiliate Organizations, Individuals, and Students. Membership dues are Pay What You Decide through June 2023.

JULY 25 BREAK/through event -- how to arrange your #NETdateOnUs
Pre-arrange to have a #NETdate meetup during NET's July 25 BREAK/through event (either online or in person in Philadelphia), and NET will pick up your tab!

Step 1:
Have you registered for NET's July 25 BREAK/through event?  If yes, go to Step 2.  
If no, REGISTER HERE first. Select either Full-Day Registration (if you're joining for the whole convening), or the Single Session Registration and choose 12:00-1:30pm ET - Option A: Connector #NETdate (and any other sessions you want to attend).

Step 2:Are you a NET member and is your membership current?  If yes, go to Step 3.
If no, JOIN NET HERE first -- dues are pay-what-you-decide.

Step 3:
Are you already using the Connector mobile app? If yes, skip to Step 5.
If no, Download the Connector app (see instructions below).

Step 4:
Log into the Connector app using the instructions below.  
Having trouble? Follow the tips below to reach out to NET for support.

Step 5:
Do you already have a Connector profile? If yes, log in and go to your profile, then proceed to Step 6.
If no, then after you log in to Connector, follow the app's prompts to create a profile.

Step 6:
Create an Offer for a #NETdate on July 25. In Connector, post an Offer in the #NETdate category that includes the hashtags #NETdateOnUs and #NETBREAKthrough.
>>Mention any particular conversation topic or shared interest/affinity you’re looking to connect around. Indicate whether you're looking to meet up that day in person in Philadelphia, or online. 

>>NET will provide a private Zoom breakout room for your online #NETdate on July 25 during the "Take a BREAK" 12-1:30pm ET / 9-10:30am PT time slot.

Step 7:
Search #NETdate Offers and/or respond to Connector messages to find your match!
>>Explore other NET members' posted Offers in the #NETdate category; search by the hashtags #NETdateOnUs and #NETBREAKthrough to find offers for July 25 (either in person in Philadelphia, or online).
>>When you find an interesting match, click the "Start a Conversation" button at the bottom of the Offer, and let them know you'd like to meet up for a #NETdate during the July 25 "Take a BREAK" time slot (12-1:30pm ET / 9-10:30am PT), and keep an eye out for their response to confirm. A #NETdate can be a one-on-one meetup, or a small group.
>>Remember to regularly check back into the Connector app and keep an eye out for responses to your #NETdate Offer! You won't receive a notification outside of the app, but if you log in you'll see a red alert flag on the chat icon along the bottom of the screen. Tap on it to see and respond to your messages, in order to coordinate and schedule your #NETdate!

Step 8:Confirm your #NETdate, let us know, and get your #NETdateOnUs!

>>Once you've confirmed your #NETdate partner(s) for the July 25 "Take a BREAK" timeslot, email NET at to let us know the names of everyone participating in your #NETdate, and whether you'll be meeting in person in Philadelphia or online. If you're having an online #NETdate, we'll arrange a private Zoom breakout room for you, and email you the Zoom link and information.

>>Each NET member attending a BREAK/through #NETdate on the 25th that’s self-arranged in advance through Connector will receive a stipend of $10 (online meetup) or $20 (in-person PHL meetup). Limited to one stipend per NET member, good for meetups on July 25, 2022 only. NET will follow up with you shortly after the event for streamlined processing of this payment (Venmo, Cashapp, PayPal, or check as you prefer).

Downloading App:
The Connector app is available for free download:

Apple App Store
Google Play Store

Logging in to Connector:
After downloading, use your NET member username (not email address) and password to log in. You must be a current NET member to use the app. 

Don’t remember your password, or having other log in issues?
- From the Connector app's login screen, click "Forgot Password?" and follow the prompts...or request a new password using the Members section of the NET website.
- For any other issues (including not remembering your NET username), contact us at

Requesting or Signing Up for Onboarding Support:

Whether you're an early adopter who's excited to dive right in...or you've already started exploring in the app, but are now curious how to maximize its usefulness or make it do that thing you can't figure out...or if technology just downright frustrates you, and you want a helpful live human to walk you through it and answer your questions...we're here to support you! 

Eager to get started?  
Contact us at to request one-on-one onboarding support or other help with Connector.

Reporting User Issues & Other App Feedback:

From its initial ideation through multiple stages of design and iterative development, Connector is an ongoing collaborative co-creation with the NET community. We approach this beta launch in the spirit of an invited dress rehearsal for an immersive, site-specific production built around critical audience participation. As the first to use Connector at full scale, your engagement and feedback is essential for revealing the fixes and fine-tuning needed to evolve, enhance, and fully realize an effective and satisfying experience.

- To request tech support; report glitches, bugs, or other issues; or suggest future enhancements to the app: contact us at

- Coming soon! We'll add a Connector user guide and FAQ to this website soon to help answer common questions, share tips for using the app, and communicate a list of known issues.

Email us at

The Connector mobile app has been designed and developed for NET by Goma Games through an iterative co-creation process in collaboration with the NET community, and with additional support from Giant Rabbit. Connector is made possible, in part, through lead funding from the Doris Duke Charitable Foundation, and the National Endowment for the Arts.