NET/TEN Shareback: Lucky Plush Productions - Tips on Touring in Cuba

Fall 2016 Travel Grant

October 31, 2017

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Fall 2016 Travel Grant Recipient

Julia Rhoads, Artistic Director of Lucky Plush Productions (Chicago, IL), traveled to Cuba for the second phase of a creative exchange with Danza Teatro Retazos(Havana) to deepen her practice-based research and approaches to the intersection of movement and dialogue. The research and foundational material developed informed the company’s next feature-length work, Rooming House.


Dear traveling artist:

In January 2017, Chicago-based dance theater company, Lucky Plush Productions, traveled to Havana, Cuba for phase two of an artistic exchange with the Cuban Danza Teatro Retazos. The week-long residency culminated in a shared community performance of work from each company plus a piece created during our residency and performed by dancers from both companies. While the artistic aspects of the exchange were generative and led to important discoveries in our devising process, perhaps the most valuable bits of information we can pass along are the insights we gained about traveling to and staying in Havana – which were initially mysterious, and seem to be constantly in flux. So that others may enjoy productive artistic residencies in Cuba, we hope our shareback helps to detangle the logistical components.

Below in black is the tour packet I created for our ensemble, with my post-Cuba commentary in blue. Much of the information gathered prior to our trip via internet was either incomplete or inaccurate. I hope you find this format useful, but don’t hesitate to reach out to me directly with questions or clarifications.

--Kim Goldman, Managing Director, Lucky Plush Productions

Download "Lucky Plush Tour Packet" as a PDF below: