NET Accountability Statement


September 29, 2021

As an organization that champions ensemble practice and collaborative creation, NET advocates for
access, inclusion, and the empowered agency of multiple voices. NET’s commitment to equity and
justice is rooted in a holistic vision of cultural pluralism that values diversity of place, race, ethnicity,
gender, gender identity, sexuality, physical/mental/sensory dis/ability, class, national origin,
religion, language, cultural heritage, age of individuals and ensembles, organizational size and
structure, artistic form, and aesthetic orientation.

NET commits to anti-oppression and anti-racist practices and principles, and to working toward
dismantling systemic inequities through active engagement with ensembles, artists, and culture
bearers from historically excluded and/or underserved communities. We believe that ensemble
practice, with its roots in shared power structures and processes of collaborative co-creation, can
play a powerful role in cultural movements toward collective liberation.

While NET aims to be a progressive organization, a community of folks who choose ensemble
structures and mindsets, we do ourselves a tremendous disservice if we believe ourselves to be
farther along or somehow better than other theatre practitioners. With this in mind, we assert our
commitment to critical self-reflection and accountability for the harm NET, its individuals, and
ensembles might cause, intentional or not.

We intend to provide inclusive, and useful spaces—physical and virtual—co-created by NET
members whose artistic work is challenging. In such brave creative spaces, conflicts and
misunderstandings inevitably arise. We commit ourselves to addressing those conflicts and
misunderstandings with respect and kindness, in the context of our shared commitment—for
individuals, ensembles, and NET itself—to grow, learn, and change. We dedicate ourselves to taking
concrete steps to redress harm, whether from individual or ensemble members, from the board or
staff of NET, or from the community as a whole.


Accountability Statement